Benefits For Consulting Professionals and Organizations

Models By Toggles offers many benefits and advantages to consulting professionals and organizations serving utilities and local governments. You could be

  • a solo consultant,
  • a consulting firm,
  • an association serving utilities and local governments,
  • organization of utility and local government professionals, or
  • an engineering firm doing business with utilities and local governments.

We sincerely believe that we have something to offer you! It could be a member benefit, growing market share, value added for your clients, a marketing tool for your business, or increased efficiency and cost reduction for your bottom line.

There are several ways of working with Models By Toggles and benefiting from many advantages. You could simply have a professional account with Models By Toggles, and continue your business as it is. Alternatively, you could join our Consulting Partners Network and have a closer working relationship with Models By Toggles. Some of the specific benefits of becoming a member of our Consulting Partners Network are as follows:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities and joint marketing efforts,
  • Receiving direct leads from consulting service requests and getting connected
    with potential clients,
  • Team up opportunities with other members of our Consulting
    Partners Network,
  • Access to knowledgebase, experience, and other resources
    Consulting Partners Network members provide, and
  • IT guidance and support from Models By Toggles.

Regardless of your work relationship with Models By Toggles and how you integrate and use its financial management and planning into your business, you can benefit greatly from what Models By Toggles offers to professionals. Here are some of those benefits:

Make It Your Own

Use our weblication as your own product. Models by Toggles interface can be modified to suit your own branding and our name is never mentioned. Change the color scheme, add your own corporate name, even host your account at your own domain name (e.g. and give a link from your own web site by purchasing professional account services.

Expand Your Reach

Grow your business serving utilities from smallest-to-largest and coast-to-coast. Reach smaller utilities by taking advantage of Models by Toggles' low cost modeling and reporting solutions. Offer tailor-made enterprise solutions to large utilities by teaming up with Models by Toggles such as adding customized features, integrating with your clients' databases, accounting and utility billing systems, etc. Have presence in new markets by growing your network of branches (virtual or brick-and-mortar), agents, and team-up opportunities with the help of a standardized, easy-to-collaborate online platform.

Redirect Your Time

Spend your time on what is really important for your business. Let Models by Toggles help you to take care of your routine tasks more effectively, and you redirect your time to marketing, networking, client relations, and your business strategy.

Stay In Touch

Never part with your clients. Have your clients use our weblication as your own product by logging in through your web site for periodic updates of their utility rate analysis and asset management. Build an online archive of your work available to your clients at all times; develop a history of relationship that is always active, accessible, and just a click away. You will always be connected with your clients as they will be connected to you.

Increase Your Task Efficiency

Bring the best out of your team. Align your tasks with your team members' skill set by using Models by Toggles' user management capabilities that lets you work with multiple users with different authorization levels.

Be More Informed

Develop knowledge base and gain valuable business intelligence. Models by Toggles can provide you with databases of your clients and projects as a tailor made solution. All you need to do is to determine what information you need such as geographical distribution of your clients, projects, and revenues; special issues addressed in your projects, types and sizes of your clients, etc. Coming Soon

Stay Ahead Of Competition

Impress your existing and potential clients, and gain advantage in competition. Use our professionally designed user interface and analysis dashboard in your proposals and marketing materials. Sell how easy to develop/update utility rate analysis & asset management, and present results to stakeholders online.

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